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Pireco leaf insects capsules à 24

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Application “Pireco Bladinsecten” capsules

“Pireco Bladinsecten” capsules can be used in the garden and in pots by placing them at root depth near the plant. Edible crops can simply be consumed immediately after treatment. It is best to dispense “Pireco Bladinsecten” preventive in the ground after planting from the moment the soil temperature is around 10 ° C. “Pireco Bladinsecten” has a duration of operation of approximately four weeks, after which a follow-up treatment is necessary to dislodge any insects still present.

Application instruction “Pireco Bladinsecten” capsules

“Pireco Bladinsecten” capsules work best in a moist soil at root depth at a soil temperature higher than 10 ° C. If there is no rain, sprinkle with plenty of water (10 mm).


“Pireco Bladinsecten” is absorbed by the leaves of the plant, as a result of which the plant develops its own immune system and sucking or eating leaf insects, including Scarlet lily beetles and aphids, disappear because they do not like the plant. It will not bother other insects.

Target animals

“Pireco Bladinsecten” drives away sucking or eating leaf insects and can be used both preventively and repressively. “Pireco Bladinsecten” consists of a highly concentrated composition of specifically working herbal extracts and is suitable for use outdoors and indoors. The product is of natural vegetable origin and is non-toxic to humans and animals. Scarlet lily beetles, aphid, carrot aphid, mealybug, woolly aphid, white fly, caterpillars, yew beetle, gall mosquito, spider mites, thrips, leek moth, black bean aphid, strawberry blossom beetle, leaf flea.

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