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Quality guarantee

We guarantee the quality of the lily bulbs supplied by us. All our bulbs are manually checked for defects before shipment. We have various conditioned storage facilities at our disposal so that we can keep every type of lily under the right conditions. Our entire cultivation process is controlled by the executive body of the Agricultural Quality Act "The Flower Bulb Inspection Service" (BKD). Each package has a BKD lot number with which the delivered bulbs can be identified at all times.

The BKD inspection comprises a sample inspection (in the greenhouse and in the testing laboratory) and a field inspection. The field inspection is carried out at various times during the growing season and is intended as an additional inspection on the greenhouse sample. Observations are made with regard to virus, nematode disease and species authenticity. All our bulbs are free from Potato cyst nematodes and are grown exclusively on PCN-free plots controlled by the Dutch Plant Health Service (PD).

You can read the implementation guidelines of the BKD on https://www.bkd.eu/en/our-services/guidelines/