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Pireco Soil fungi bottle 0.5 liter

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Healthy gardening and approved for the organic garden.


“Pireco® Bodemschimmel Vloeibaar” consists of specifically working (non-toxic) herbal concentrates. Safe for humans, animals and bees.

“Pireco® Bodemschimmel Vloeibaar” has an indirect effect on, among other things, Verticillium (wilting disease), Pythium (seedling disease and root rot), Fusarium (root rot) etc. in the soil. It is absorbed by the roots of plants and strengthens the immune system. Soil fungi are inhibited in their development. The crop will show healthy growth.

Usable for the ornamental garden, vegetable garden and tub plants by using pouring or soil treatment (see application). Edible crops can be consumed straight away.

Shake well before use. Treat from March. Repeat after 4 weeks. Pouring: First, scrape the ground superficially. Dissolve 25 ml. “Pireco® Bodemschimmel Vloeibaar” in 10 liters of water (for 10 m²) and water the soil. After this, "post-shower" with plenty of water (10 mm).

Soil treatment:
Dissolve 50 ml. “Pireco® Bodemschimmel Vloeibaar” in 2.5 liters of water and apply to the roots of the plant in the soil. Make holes of approx. 15 cm deep with a handle (10 pieces per m² root surface). Pour in approximately 250 ml. solution and close the holes again.

500 ml in a handy dosing bottle.

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