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  • lily bulb Pireco Bodemaaltjes bottle 0.5 liter

Pireco soil nematodes bottle 0.5 liter

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“Pireco Bodem-aaltjes”

“Pireco Bodem-aaltjes” consists of a highly concentrated composition of specifically working herbal concentrates and has a preventive effect on the repelling of nematodes. The product supports the natural healing capacity, has a nourishing and plant strengthening effect on outside influences, in the soil and at the roots. “Pireco Bodem-aaltjes” is of natural and vegetable origin and is not toxic to humans, animals and the environment. Approved for the organic garden. Available in liquid form and granules.

“Pireco Bodem-aaltjes” has a preventive effect in warding off the presence of, among others, rose nematodes (rose fatigue), various carrots, potato cyst nematode, beet cyst nematode and other harmful nematodes in the soil. “Pireco Bodem-aaltjes” is absorbed by the roots of the plant. With this increase in resilience, the plant will, develop its own immune system. The nematodes will shun the plant and no longer eat. Their population will decrease sharply. In this way the nuisance and damage will disappear.

“Pireco Bodem-aaltjes” can be applied in the ornamental garden, vegetable garden and on terrace or balcony by means of a soil treatment or by mixing in the top layer (granules) or mixing by potting soil (granules). Edible crops can be consumed immediately after treatment.

Method of dispension
Apply preventively dispension from the moment the plant, shrub or tree starts to sprout. Especially when there has been a lot of inconvenience and damage in the past. Even when harmful nematodes and attacks are visible, “Pireco Bodem-aaltjes” can be applied. “Pireco Bodem-aaltjes” has a duration of action of four weeks, after which follow-up treatment is necessary.

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