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Martagon Hybrid mix 20 bulbs

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The widest range of lilies for garden or pot on a patio or indoors. All our lilies come with 5 free capsules of organic herbal extract to keep out harmful insects so you can enjoy your purchase without worry.

The Martagon lily is a perennial plant that grows naturally in the European and Eurasian mountains. The Martagon lily derives the name Turkish lily from the turban shape of the flowers. The Martagon lily thrives the best on moist, food and humus-rich loam and clay soils. The Martagon lily flowers in the garden in June and July and reaches a flowering height of 80 to 100 cm. The Martagon lily is hardy, very suitable for naturalizing and it blossoms richer every year. The Martagon lily grows everywhere in the northern and southern temperate zones. For optimum growth, they prefer a well-drained spot in the partial shade where they are protected against excessive heat, wind, drought and cold.

Cultivation of martagon lilies 

The planting depth of a Martagon bulb is 10 cm plus the height of the bulb. The roots at the base of the bulb must point down in different directions and it is important that the soil is well moist and firmly pressed when the planting hole is filled. In the spring, deposit 15 cm deep with each lily a free supplied capsule with organic herbal which prevents harmful leaf insects.

Martagon lilies need to be well watered in the garden during the growing period until late in the autumn to ensure good flower production in the following spring.It is also important that all lily plant remains are removed from the garden every autumn. The best time to fertilize Martagon lilies is immediately after the flowering season so that the leaves and the stem have the opportunity to die naturally before the winter begins. It is best to work organic manure in the ground at some distance from the bulb and the stem and then cover it with sand or soil, this prevents raindrops from spattering molds on the lily leaves.

Martagon lilies can also be planted in pots or trays, from which excess water can run out, with a minimum layer of 15 cm of potting soil at the bottom.

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