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Lily cultivation do's and don'ts


When you receive your lilies, try to plant the bulbs as quickly as possible to prevent the bulb and roots from drying out. You plant lilies outside between late summer and spring. You can plant lilies in the greenhouse all year round, for more information about growing lilies in the greenhouse, see Lily growing in the greenhouse

Cultivation instructions gardenlilies


• Ensure a sufficiently deep plant bed. Maintains a planting depth of 8 cm plus the height of the bulb. (or +/- 15 cm)

• All lilies can also be planted in pots or trays, from which excess water can run out, with a minimum layer of 15 cm of potting soil at the bottom.

• When planting, ensure that the lily bulbs are covered with a good layer of moisture and air permeable potting soil.

• If the soil temperature is above 10 ° C, place in each planting hole with a maximum diameter of 25 cm one of the free delivered capsules with “Pireco Bladinsecten” herbal extract. N.B. If the soil temperature during planting is lower than 10 ° C, you can place the capsules at the root depth of the plant in the soil later. *

• The group of so-called Oriental lilies prefer a low ph (acidity). Therefore, before planting Oriëntal lilies, sprinkle a layer of potting soil richly mixed with peat or peaty soil in the plant bed for best results.

• Ensure that the lilies can dispose of sufficient water immediately after planting.

• Keep the plant bed free of weeds after planting.

• If the lilies are approximately 15 cm high, it is strongly recommended to carry out an ecological treatment, in particular against the Scarlet lily beetle, with the ecological plant protection product “Pireco Bladinsecten”.

• Plant Tagetes next to the lilies, which attract insects that fight aphids.

• Plant lavender next to the lilies, the strong scent repels harmful insects.

• Remove the dead crop after flowering to prevent mold.

• If You are planning a perennial planting, it is advisable to apply a layer quality compost and a little cow manure every year after the crop has been removed (eventual in the form of dried cow manure pellets).

* Treatment application instruction "Pireco Bladinsecten" capsules:

"Pireco Leaf Insects" capsules work best in a moist soil at root depth at a soil temperature higher than 10 ° C. If there is no rain, sprinkle with plenty of water (10 mm.).


• Never compress the soil after planting.

• Do not perform soil tillage after planting.

• Do not mow the crop before flowering.

• Do not spray with plant protection products that can cause damage.

• Do not spray weed control agents that could cause damage.

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Classification of lily species

Classification of lily species

The lily is a kind of flower that can be used in many different ways. It is a wonderful flower for arranging in a vase at home, but it also makes a perfect choice for weddings, special events and other occasions. 

Perennial organic lily cultivation with pireco

Perennial organic lily cultivation with pireco

With the Pireco organic herbal extract capsules supplied free with your lilies, which repel harmful leaf insects, you can enjoy your purchase worry-free during the first flowering season. Because a lily is a perennial, you can enjoy it in your garden or in a pot on your patio with the right care for years to come.

Brief explanation lily cultivation process

Brief explanation lily cultivation process

The cultivation process of most lily bulbs that you buy from us takes 6 years for lilies that you buy in the spring and 7 years for lilies that you buy in the summer and early autumn.